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[16 Apr 2007|09:53pm]

I've added you guys if you were wondering who that was (or even if you weren't <3)
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[13 Apr 2007|02:13am]
[ mood | hopeful ]


alice nine., Vidoll, Duel Jewel, Kagrra, Miyavi, DéspairsRay, Merry, Girugamesh, MUCC.

alice nine are meh, Vidoll are also meh, I've never heard Duel Jewel, Kagrra is love, Miyavi ew, DespairsRay I'd love to see, Merry are fucking awesome, Girugamesh I'd like to see and MUCC *dead*. Why must this be all the way in CA? ;_;

It seems that MUCC are playing with Merry, DespairsRay and Girugamesh on the Saturday. How fucking great is that lineup? No shitty bands included! Why did they announce it so late, though? It's like, a little over a month away @_@ They should have another date in, oh, I don't know... DETROIT D: Hahaha

I'll go and cry now D:

Holy shit, MUCC. 3 new albums for preorder at CDJapan. Looks like my next order will include: FLIGHT (DVD ver.), Best Of MUCC [Limited Edition] and Worst Of MUCC ~_~; Why do they insist on taking all my money from me. I can't even buy other CDs because I know they'll have like 7 versions of whatever they release next, which is never far from what they last released!

In other news, look what I got yesterday:

The tickets say 'ADULT', but I can't find any age restrictions anywhere O_o; Not that it matters since I'm going with my uncle, but, none of my other tickets have said that.

Went to the mall tonight and bought some lovely choses:

2 shirts, a sweater, black capris-things, black and red polkadot belts, Dance Dance Dance book by Haruki Murakami and The Autumn Effect album by 10 Years (just listening now <3)

Awesome Cpop Songs (yet the videos fail) (Youtube Links)Collapse )
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[09 Apr 2007|02:10am]
[ mood | bored ]

p4p3rd0ll New layout. It's not quite done yet. I think it looks weird because the entries don't have a border, thus, not matching the image; but I like them without borders :/ Aaaand it doesn't match O_O

Wtf? First press sold out already? It had a poster, too ;_; JMA says it's 'FRIGHT' and CDJapan says it's 'FLIGHT'. Stupid katakana D:

I have Asian text support for 30 days 8D It's a glorious thing, really. Do you know how annyong it is when sites come up in squares and/or random alt symbols? :(

I'm thinking of getting a new computer. This one's pretty old now and just isn't good enough now :/ We had it upgraded almost 2 years ago and it was like $600 *dead* If it costs that much, it's better just to get a new one. The one I customized at dell.com is a little over $900, but my cousin got a Dell for $500 (though, I really have no idea about its RAM and whatnot).

So... :/ Boring entry. I'm going to go watch some MUCC now and then go to bed after 3 am.

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[01 Apr 2007|02:34am]
[ mood | drained ]

MUCC - Libra
[download single]

This ended up coming on Tuesday. I only have the CD/DVD one, because the CD-only one wasn't up at CDJapan. It comes with a slip case and inside, the cover of the actual single is the one for the CD-only. So, you end up getting both. Libra's not my favourite MUCC song, but it's really good. I find it better when I'm listening to it on my iPod for whatever reason. Touei might be a little better, but I don't know. It sounds nothing like Libra, actually there's a couple parts that sound so much like Gekkou D: Ignoring that, though, it's such a great song. Touei romajiCollapse )

The DVD is mostly live footage. The songs from Gokusai sound awesome, which makes me more impatient for Psychadelic Analysis! There's this one part though, this guy gets flowers from them and after they go outside, he cries. A lot. I have no idea who he is O_O

City and Colour Live
[download Sam Malone]

This is a CD/DVD release, which I was really excited about. I was thinking that the DVD might be kind of dull because of all the acoustic songs, but it's really good. In between songs he talks with the audience and stuff. The whole "I want to have our children" part was quite humourous. All of the songs sounded really good, but I was really impressed with Sam Malone. Confessions, Comin' Home, Day Old Hate and Like Knives are also rather awesome. There's a seperate part from footage of him at the Malkin Bowl (wherever that is). I love the way it looks, being black and white and all. I wish the entire DVD was like that haha. Hello, I'm in Delaware is by far the best part of that section.

The CD is live tracks from the DVD, which is nice to have. I just wish the Hello, I'm in Delaware performance I mentioned was included, as the other two songs were. Some of these songs sound better live than they do on the album, imo. Like, I don't listen to Hello, I'm in Delaware often at all, yet it's easily one of the highlights.

71 days 8D I almost wasn't able to go again D:
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[29 Mar 2007|09:41pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Random update. Music tomorrow.

So, I'm going through Wikipedia in business and I look up Windsor and find this gem:


Is it really that bad here? lolz

Hoshit, tonight at work, this chick comes in and asks one of the people at the desk (I'm also back there organizing books) about the computer. So, Anne(?) responds, "...the password is your phone number. No dashes, no area code, no spaces." The girl then says, "wait *pause*... you mean like, my phone number?" LMFAO.

[21 Mar 2007|09:24pm]
*is back* 8D

So, vacation wasn't too bad. Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya. There was only one place the ship docked at D: I hated tendering, except in Belize, 'cause it was long and kinda wavy XD Erm, I had my birthday on the ship and recieved a couple cards, the one from my sister has a llama <3 The waiters at dinner sang to me and I got a cake XD I'm ordering MUCC's Psychadelic Analysis as my parent's gift. In Tampa, FL I bought the US ver of the Marrow of a Bone. My one purchase over the trip ahaha. Best thing the entire week:

Aunt Carol: "Kyle, what did you get (for dessert)?"
Kyle: "Cinnamon cake."
Brodie: "Doesn't that have figs in it?"
Kyle: "What are figs? Oh, are those what wasps are born in?"
*dead* XD

Two bands whose videos I saw on TV and really like, in mp3 form 8D
Silversun Pickups - Well Thought Out Twinkles (<3333)
Paramore - Emergency

Thanks for NOT shipping Libra yet CDJapan >_< $18-fucking-US for shipping one single. They didn't have the CD only version O_o Atleast the DVD-type has the nice cover.

I'm drawing that picture of Tatsurou for art and two people asked me today if he was a chick O_o Adam pointed out that he had no facial hair and Eric's guess was that he just got a close shave LMAO!

HOMG, the jealousy!: http://community.livejournal.com/itai_tegami/251133.html#cutid1
lolz @ the fourth pic. And at Tatsourou's shoes :D

Despair in the Womb love for serious. I love the FVT footage. The only thing I think was from Detroit was where they were just showing the screen. It said Motor City above it and I remember Kyo rolling around XD And possibly the shot of the meet&greet in rainy weather, around trees loool.

[08 Mar 2007|10:46pm]
[ mood | sad ]

So, tomorrow I am leaving for another unwanted vacation. "I thought you said you wanted to go to Mexico!" Why would I want to go to Mexico? I don't know where else the cruise is going, just other islands with ugly t-shirts I'm sure D:

I will also be having my birthday there which I am not happy about and working on my Chemistry ISU and not working on my art portrait, which I wanted to. Such a waste of my March break :(

I'll probably miss the long awaited rip of the Dir DVD, won't I?

To leave with something positive, a YouTube link to a preview of the PV for MUCC's new single: http://youtube.com/watch?v=MacM2rGIHiY
(If those "dark" parts do exist, they must be the verses @_@)


[04 Mar 2007|01:46am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Ayumi Hamasaki - A BEST 2 -BLACK- ReviewCollapse )

Ayumi Hamasaki - A BEST 2 -WHITE- ReviewCollapse )

Homg, long enough? I have like, attatchments to these songs and stuff ;_; I think I'd go with BLACK if I were to buy one. Both have good and bad songs, but WHITE has more bad songs lol. I still remember when I heard Boys & Girls, which was my first Ayu and Japanese song and I was just like, wow this is good XD And that's where everything began :P

350MB for this x_x Anyone know how to reduce bitrates?
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[03 Mar 2007|12:09am]
[ mood | drained ]

Chemistry test today did not go so well. Like, the ionization energy question that I thought I was answering correctly, but I actually did not. Haaaa, today in math we were being lectured about how 'math class is serious business, and if you don't like it get out!' and I nearly died because we all know how the internetz is serious business. My math class is now, too.

God, the amount of people on the forums I post at that piss me off... The numbers are growing increasingly large.

Dir en grey on FUSE made me happy because I actually have that channel 8D I love how they were there for the entire hour and only played one of their PVs. The interview was pretty good, I thought. Except maybe the part about Kyo's eyes bleeding, haha. I went to go get the issue of Revolver with them in it at Chapters and of course, they still had the previous month's issue >_<

I was going through itai_tegami and someone posted scans from Shoxx Bis or whatever and they commented on Libra, "apparently the single sounds both light and dark, and that "it's new, but sometimes it revisits the atmosphere of something like rojiura boku to kimi e"". How amazing would that be? Hahaha

Utada Hikaru got divorced :/ *le sigh*

I've been attempting to listen to more Chinese and Korean music lately. My new favourite thing is Jolin Tsai. Just try and resist this shit:

Jolin Tsai - Mr. Q
Jolin Tsai - Shuo Ai Ni
Jolin Tsai - Wu Niang
Jolin Tsai - Ye Man You Xi
Nell - Gisaengchung (rock)
Loveholic - Shinkirou (just fucking awesome)

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[17 Feb 2007|11:33pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Last night I was skipping through A Perfect Circle's aMotion DVD and Mudvayne's All Access to All Things DVD and I came to the conclusion that Mudvayne's has the worst menu I've ever seen.

So, as I walked in to work Thrusday, I was handed the phone and asked if I could work Saturday (today) 1-5 at Sandwich. I said I didn't know. She said to get back to her. I go home and realize I can't work it, so I check Sandwich's hours to call her back, but they close at 6 like we do. I then check the hours for Friday, only to find out they're closed (which sent me into a mini-panic). How can I fucking get back to her if they're not even open!? After I got home from school yesterday, I called someone where I work and she said that they had already found someone to work it, which was a relief. But, at 9:15 this morning I get a phone call from the other one telling me the exact same thing O_O; Don't you think Saturday is a little late? And Katie said she had given her my phone number when I had called yesterday. "We didn't hear back from you..." well, maybe if there was a way to do so, I would. kthx. It pisses me off and makes me look bad ~_~;

This is what I bought/got at the show Monday <3 I thought the other shirt(s?) was rather, what's the word? Ugly? Yeah.

lol, Watching the CM thing for Ayu's next Best albums made me all ._. Oh, my days of being Ayu-obssessed. It's been forever since A BEST and the two new ones have really good songs on them, I just wish they weren't split up.

Shiina Ringo's album iffy. Some is really good (Gamble, Oiran, Kono yo no Kagiri), but the tracks she redid kind of lost what made them so amazing in the first place, except for Karisome Otome.

A few more days and I shall finally have TMOAB :)

Stole from sleazoid's last.fmCollapse )
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